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Serving the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne and Regional Victoria. 

Our fully insured company specialises in Pipe, Cable, locating Utility based services and Water Leak detection for commercial, industrial, domestic and residential services.

Backed by over 20 years experience in all facets of plumbing, our skillset of expertise comes from 14 years of onsite experience on Melbourne’s high-rise projects through the Docklands precinct including jobs on the Eureka Tower, Tower 5 Docklands, Watergate Apartments, King St Apartments, Collins Place, Empire Mutual Apartments, City Square Apartments plus several more.

Our qualifications give us the flexibility to work onsite on all aspects of jobs as we are RED CARD OHS certified and have all onsite PPE as required.

Having the advantage of years of experience in the Hydraulic designing and consultancy industry means reading and understanding plan design and architectural drawings from either ‘Dial Before You Dig’ or consultants is much simpler and therefore more cost efficient to our clients.

Our team can trace PVC, earthernware concrete, poly stormwater, sewer conduits and agricultural drains plus any other service which is accessible enough for a tracing cable to be inserted.

Our aim is to provide a quality service using the latest equipment in leak detection. We use the Guterman Aquascope Ground Mic Leak Sounding system which is recognised nationally and internationally and used by used by some of our main water authorities.

Locating a water leak is more involved than simply listening for a drip.  Our trained specialists use ground and wall microphones along with listening sticks to be able to pin point those leaks which cannot be seen from the surface or located without digging up half the block or road.

The leak is located from the frequency that the leaking water creates when leaving the split or crack on the pipe in question. Knowing the type of pipe that you are ‘sounding’ is an essential part of the process as different pipe types create different frequencies.

Feel free to call our office any time to discuss your job requirements or to obtain a service quote.  For more information, please call our mobile service 0425 717 227 or email

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